Pass The Pigs – A Classroom Game To Bring Home The Bacon

10 years ago, I tried out a game on the Internet which a colleague recommended. Little did I know that, all these years later, it would prove to be a classroom phenomenon and the ‘1 small thing’ which is universally popular among my classes.

It really is very simple and can be found at the hyperlink below.

As you may be aware, Pass The Pigs involves taking turns rolling two pig figures. Depending on how they land, you score points. Bank the points if you wish, or continue to roll, but beware, because one particular combination will lose you any points gained in that round.

I usually play boys versus girls and it serves as the catch-all ‘plenary’ at the end of most lessons, with heightened levels of excitement among all classes of whatever age. If a question about the learning from the lesson is answered correctly, the team gets to roll (and then accumulate points as described above). If they answer incorrectly, you show them ‘what they would have scored’ by continuing to roll until they lose all points for the round. (This can be a particularly painful experience for the team concerned!)

It can be customised to suit any time length (from sudden death one-rounders, to the full marathon ten-round version). I like to keep a tally of the overall score of matches won throughout the year, which adds a long-term view and again, heightens the anticipation, especially with a small prize for each member of the winning team.

I thoroughly recommend it. Give it a try. Ham it up! (You’d be far rasher than me to try to avoid it).

By the way, if you ever roll a 60-point ‘double leaning jowler’, let me know.

(I’ve only managed one in 10 years).

pass the pigs


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