Blog Of A Visit to Ghana: Part 4 – The Partnership

One of the aims of my visit was to update the partnership plan between our two schools.

We have had an active partnership now for more than 6 years, but keeping the relationship between us bright and sparky is always a challenge, as life is so hectic at both ends. Our partnership plan has only really been updated once in the past 2 years, so was in need of an overhaul. Sat with the new head teacher and the key staff in the school, we drew up the following action points which were then distributed amongst staff both in the UK and in Ghana.

1) Regular contact – minimum of once a month via Skype and more regularly via email

2) Publicity – each school to publicise details of the partnership (including project updates and news) in newsletters and on a dedicated area of the UK web site.

3) Display area in school dedicated to partnership which is updated with new material regularly.

4) Schools to develop logos for the partnership which can be used in displays / publicity material.

5) Language awareness to be raised in the UK with signs in school building in Twi.

6) Develop use of an online environment where students can communicate quickly, safely and effectively (Google Classroom?).

7) Engage students in the project through a range of cross-curricular collaborative projects.

8) Plan for future reciprocal exchange opportunities for both staff and students.

This was a most productive part of my visit. The meeting was optimistic for the future of our work together, which I shall look at in the last part of this blog series.

To come in Part 5 – The Future




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