Blog Of A Visit to Ghana – Part 3: The Results

In Part 2 of my blog series, I shared the outlines of the projects that I took out to our partner school in Ghana last week. After 5 days working in the school and with an excellent level of support from the staff there, I came away with some fantastic work to share with my students and staff here in the UK.

Here are some examples:

English: Students in Ghana had chosen poems about Africa from an anthology, memorised them and then performed them with a carefully chosen backdrop and in appropriate costume. Here are two examples:

Art: Some examples of work that students in Ghana produced.

DSCF1654 DSCF1650 DSCF1648

Business: Powerpoint presentations with business plans were produced and have been brought back for analysis by UK students.

Music: Interviews about percussion and demonstrations of their use have been recorded. The choir were videoed singing both the Ghanaian National Anthem as well as the School Anthem (see below)

Geography: Students in Ghana produced work detailing their ‘Fantastic Places in Ghana.

The aim is now for our students in the UK to respond to these project outcomes and for dialogue to start between our two schools. We are looking at the use of shared areas on Google Classroom and Google Drive to assist us with this.

To come – Part 4: The Partnership



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