Blog Of A Visit to Ghana – Part 2: The Projects

As you saw from Part 1, one of my key aims for this visit was to engage students in cross-cultural projects. To this end, I asked subject heads at my school to put together projects for me to take out with me to Ghana, which I could then ask students to work on for the week of my visit and then collect and bring home to share with students in the UK.


Here are the outlines of the projects that I was armed with:

Performing Arts: Record a video of the choir singing the Ghanaian National Anthem which we can show at our School Summer Concert.

English: Write a poem about your school or about Ghana. Think about your choice of language, similes, metaphors, adjectives and the type of poem you wish to write e.g. sonnet, acrostic, haiku, free verse. You may wish to create your own anthology.

Dance: Choreograph and perform your own cultural dance which you can then video to teach pupils at Preston School. Film your dance all the way through with music and then again, but this time as though you are teaching it to someone step by step. Students at Preston School will then learn the dance and we will send a recording of the dance you have taught us back to you.

Music: Discuss on video how important rhythm and percussion are to you. What types of percussion instrument do you use? Are there percussion instruments other than drums that you use? Can you demonstrate them for us?

Art: Produce a piece of art work which captures your feelings about one of these areas: 1) our partnership, 2) the UK, 3) Ghana. (I may have to take photos of these rather than try to bring them all back to the UK with me!)

Languages: Produce a Twi phrase book with all the essential Twi phrases that you think we should learn. Produce a video guide for us and again, we will send you back a video of our students showing what they have learned.

Enterprise Challenge: Create a business / marketing presentation for a product of your choice (I will bring lots of help sheets for this)

Geography: Students at Preston have made a leaflet or brochure style page about a ‘Fantastic Place’ in the UK. I will bring these examples to Ghana for Sinai students to reply to them or make their own example about places in Ghana.

Science: ILA – My Gym. A multi-phase project based around creating a brand, marketing, designing a fitness plan and health and safety / first aid awareness


Clearly, the success of theses projects would depend heavily on staff support in Ghana. I was fortunate that a wide range of staff (with the support of key partnership advocates on the staff and SLT) helped to see these through.

To come in part 3: The results



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