#nurture1415 – Looking back and forward

There is a symbol widely seen in Ghanaian culture – that of the Sankofa bird. It is a long-necked bird that is reaching backwards and taking told of an egg in its beak.


I have a bird like this one sat on my desk at school.

The message is simple. Learn from the past by taking only the good things and using them to help you shape the future.

There have been many highights this year for me, notably the opportunities to meet MFL colleagues at events like #ililc4 in Southampton in February and then at Languages Show Live in London in October. We all need chances like these to meet with others, share our enthusiasm as educators and re-energise for our time in the classroom. The sharing of ideas is vital, but the chance to make connections with others in the same position as myself is just as vital in my opinion.

School is an ever-changing landscape. Staff move on and in our case we are undergoing change on a big scale as our principal leaves and his replacement arrives in April. I am currently Head of Languages and Head of Faculty, which means much plate-spinning, but makes me all the more grateful for the supportive staff that I have around me.

2015 offers many opportunities:
February – a visit to Ghana to meet up with our partner school, new head teacher there and re-invigorate our partnership with fresh projects.
February / March – #ililc5 in Southampton (much to look forward to there!)
September / October – Spanish exchange

In all of these (and others) I hope to expand my own (and therein also) my student’s horizons. There are opportunities out there to learn every day and I intend to be seeking them out.

All the best for the New Year! 2015? Bring it on!