So, the end of the year provokes more than a little reflection on what has gone before.

What have been the major areas of progress in my use of the new technologies then?

1) Twitter: Signed up for it, gave it up as a bad job (when I had only 3 followers, one of whom was a semi-professional American female tennis player who had only tweeted once in 3 years), re-discovered it, put some time and effort into it, made friends in the MFL world on it (the glorious MFLtwitterati), shared / found ideas and inspiration on it and had a laugh doing it. Love it. That’s it.

2) : Started this back in November after recommendations at MFL Somerset INSET day. Have to admit that I’m still feeling my way with this one. Am using it with 4 classes (2 KS3 and 2 KS4) and it’s the GCSE classes who seem to be reaping the benefit from it. They have access to me (and each other) outside class time (not always good). Links / web sites / attachments can be shared with all students in seconds – especially useful if you forget to set homework in the lesson itself (so I’ve heard!) Looking forward to exploring its uses still further.

3) A Posterous Blog – OK, so I may not be prolific, but I can at least hold my head high and say that I am a blogger! Who’d have thought?!

Someone once said that even the longest journeys start with a few small steps (or something like that …) and it was only ever going to be thus.

Well, my ‘techno-goals’ for 2013 are:

1) To blog more frequently,

2) To expand my use of Edmodo

3) To go paperless at school

4) To meet up with some of the #mfltwitterati 🙂

Happy New Year one and all! Have a great 2013!