Keep taking the tablets …..

Was rather surprised (but quietly pleased) to be presented with a Nexus 7 tablet this morning.

With the wireless upgrade that we are due in MFL and Geography over half-term, this is seen as one possible way of introducing hand-held technologies into the classroom.

Review and spec:

Now all that we need to do is see how we can best make use of this latest little box of tricks. The price is certainly competitive enough (£180) for a tablet of its spec.

If it is the Android route that we are taking, where can we start?

Ian Addison’s blog entry gives some initial thoughts from a school persepctive (no Flash player on the Nexus could be a draw back)

A TES forum gives some debate around the use of the N7 (as I have now named it) in school

If anyone has experience of using the N7 in school, then I would be keen to know your thoughts.


Video tutorials – some early findings (Knowmia)

In my search for alternatives to shaky video tutorials showing me stood in front of a whiteboard, I have rather stumbled across Knowmia

This is of particular use if you have an iPad, as the video creation software is only available for this format (I believe), but you can also import previously made videos to this site.

The software itself looks very user-friendly and there are tutorials showing you how to make slides that you annotate over and can animate and drag items into. You can then narrate over the slides as you go and it is all recorded as a single video.


Saves the toe-curling embarrassment of videos of self.

Now all I need is an iPad ….!

Triptico the light fantastic + video tutorials

Loving the chance to use Triptico in lessons –

The random name chooser and the countdown timer with sound effects are particular favourites of students (and staff alike)

Am investigating the use of small tutorial videos. Will use an HD video camera and small desktop tripod to record myself at the IWB conducting short recaps of key parts of language (formation of tenses for example). These can then go on school VLE – we use Moodle.

Any thoughts on good practice here would be much appreciated

Results to follow … (I hope)