Desk trays 2


Each is colour coded to allow for easy group identification


Desk trays


Armed with paper, pens, dictionaries and the like. Fulfilling all a pupil’s stationery needs 🙂

Weak (?) Three

Not exactly a steady reintroduction to the school year – plenty to do and feeling the pace already …

Classes settling quite nicely – even the huge GCSE classes are working well – so far. Perhaps the honeymoon period will end soon. Let’s hope not.

Trays on desks of four is a system that is working well. I try to remember to ask students to tidy them at the end of the lesson – but don’t always.

Also using the magic number 3 for what they need to remember – ex book, planner and dictionary. Planner is open at traffic light page that reflects their state of learning, green, orange or red.

They are encouraged to use the members of their group / their dictionary before they turn to me – but they certainly need more training with this.

Heard of MFL Somerset meeting on 5/11 from Twitter – would be great to attend an MFL session and share good practice for a change. Haven’t done that in a while.

All is building up nicely for the Ghana Ball on Friday – 200 tickets sold … promises to be an excellent event.