New classroom layout


After years of desks and tables in rows, time to ring the changes. So, to encourage group talk, tables of four. I seem to be several chairs short too ….


First steps

After 20 years of MFL teaching, I know that I am still learning. Whatsmore, I am keen to do so.

Therefore, I am trying a few things differently this year and will be recording the outcomes here.

I am keen to embrace the use of new technologies, but am often not sure if I am doing so just for the sake of it. So, I want to promote innovations that enhance language learning, not merely those that pretty it up.

Key concerns at this point are:

1) Where to start? So many ideas out there – where do I begin? Simple, I suppose. Start with the quick wins and move on to the more adventurous stuff later.

2) Money – I don’t have thousands to throw at this (surprise, surprise). I am starting from a point where I have an IWB (ActivBoard) that runs ActivInspire software. There is wireless reception in my area of the school, but we don’t yet have dedicated hardware for use in the classroom (other than what the students bring along themselves)

3) How can I get the students the international audience they require to give them real motivation in their work? Moreover, how can I do this SAFELY?

So often students see MFL as irrelevant to them. I want to change this (in my small-scale way)

This is my starting point.